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New Cottage

"Would you agree to be my first wife?" (To Charlotte Lysès, his first wife) - Sacha Guitry 

New Cottage is a place steeped in history. On August 14, 1907, Sacha Guitry, a famous playwright endowed with a sharp pen and a caustic humor, married the actress Charlotte Lysès in the house.

Very original weddings with a groom in pajamas! Sacha Guitry will have had an eventful married life, he married five times... our rooms bear the first name of each of his female actresses: Charlotte, Yvonne, Jacqueline, Geneviève and Lana.

Our guest house offers you a real moment of cocooning and escape. You will appreciate its unobstructed view of the Seine estuary and the serenity of the garden.

A 7-minute walk from Place Sainte Catherine and far from the hustle and bustle, its exceptional location will allow you to discover the city and the port in complete peace of mind. 5 minutes from the house, located on the Côte de Grace, you can easily access the small chapel and enjoy a magnificent view of the Seine estuary. If you prefer a moment of relaxation or a morning jog, just 3 minutes at the end of the road, Butin beach, offers a water quality that has earned it the title of Blue Flag......Luxury , all this is done on foot.

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